mercredi 25 avril 2012


I'm leaving for a while, take care. (Leica M6)

mardi 24 avril 2012

The season Op.37B, X. October, autumn song.

It's still cold and rainy outside, looks like october. Pics from my room in St-Narcisse, Quebec, last christmas.(Leica M6)

lundi 23 avril 2012


Julien at Starcow. (Leica M6)

dimanche 22 avril 2012

Les marchés de Provence.

Collobriéres, march 2012. (Leica M6)

samedi 21 avril 2012

Jus' coolin'.

Paris, Collobriéres, Paris. Various moments, random shots, jus' coolin'. (Leica M6)

jeudi 19 avril 2012

On the other side.

Various moments in paris, February 2012. (Leica M6 & Canon AV1)

mercredi 18 avril 2012

Song of the sad assassin.

Paris, april 2012. (Leica M6)

mardi 17 avril 2012

Cherry blossom girl.

Yesterday, I was riding in Paris to run some errands, decided to stop by Notre-Dame's gardens as I wasn't running after time for once, sun was poppin' out from heavy paris-grey-clouds, the cherry trees just finished bloomin', petals were floatin' everywhere. (Leica M6)

lundi 16 avril 2012

About a girl.

Sudani, February 2012. (Leica M6)

vendredi 13 avril 2012

Never look back.

Never look back. (Leica M6)

jeudi 12 avril 2012

A te Corsica regina.

Pics from last month, Sudani was inked by my friend Fabrice in his new location at hand in glove tattoo. (Leica M6)

mercredi 11 avril 2012

Love bomb.

New Fuct's SSDD collection a Starcow, new front logo by Ilk. (love bomb)

mardi 10 avril 2012

Come get to this.

Last night, we went out to celebrate my birthday, first the Helmut Newton's exhibition at Le grand palais, it was really inspiring, he really turns flesh into gold. We had such an amazing diner after, at Lapérouse in a private room, food was so delicious (should have pictured this chateaubriand au truffes noires...). I'm thankfull for all the messages I got from everywhere yesterday, and really thankfull to have those friends in here, Lina, Nika, Clemence, you're as amazing as you're gorgeous my ladies.

lundi 9 avril 2012

Me, Myself & I.

Turning 33 today, Hell Yeah, Fuckin' Right ! (Last pic by Marcos)

dimanche 8 avril 2012

Share with me the sun.

Sunday lunch at my mom's and gran'ma few weeks ago while I was in the south, simple, easy leaving moments blessed by the warm sun.