jeudi 30 avril 2009



Ce soir au batofar.

Late night mood.

I have this song up in my head since days...feels like sun inside.

Penny Lane & Sunny Buick.

Be sure to check the cool venice beach's girls at .
Be sure to check Frisco's lady, Sunny buick & her works at :

mercredi 29 avril 2009

Paint,adamo & Janicule.

It feels so good to paint again, thx to Dize for the spot and to Ilk for the motivation.After that fresh paint, went to Janicule to a gnocchi/adamo/nouvelle star party...i'm full! Thx friends!

mardi 28 avril 2009

Kitty king.

This cat is just awesome! watch him parade with his craft crown all over the place as everything is cool... :D

lundi 27 avril 2009

Do the R.O.B.O.T !

9eme sans ascenceur.

Spent all the afternoon with my old friend Alexone (time goes by so fast!), he invited me to his work place with " le 9eme concept", really cool studio full of creativity! They are always working on new shows and collective exhibitions so paintings are overwhelming the place.Watch out for more soon, and some good surprises...

dimanche 26 avril 2009

Gucci Chris.

Chris Cunningham's video for Gucci.Lights, music, slow-mo'...explosion! and as we're into this :


Head Porter S/S 09 lookbook.

samedi 25 avril 2009

Dalek & Giant.

Today i had the opportunity to met Dalek and Mike giant for a photoshoot and itw requested by Dalek is a cool guy, really into ink, we spoke about his recent works and the series he has realised here in Paris for the event, quite cool and dynamic works!Unfortunately as many readed already on hisblog, Mike Giant wasn't in Paris, too bad for me i was mad happy to meet and shoot him because of the love of graffiti and ink we share.Maybe another time!Anyway, I Invite you to go check all his drawings in B/W,the exhibition is very interesting and for those who loves tattoos , you'll be served! paris 11e.