vendredi 11 septembre 2009


Met cool Toma this afternoon , go check his website :
I really like his B/W work on portraits.
Went to Janicule because it was payday!! Friends just came back from NYC, You know you have good friends for a few reasons : they take all the food they ate in picture (haaaaaaa Carnegie's pastraaaaami !), they tell you amazing stories about some farting 40 years old hippie always drunk and naked (grooooooss!), they grow a beard because they love yours (don't lie!).
You also love them because they bring you back sweet treats from supreme (love you guys, glad to have you back!!).
watch out for the upcoming update of their blog with a lot of cool pics from US.

5 commentaires:

  1. WAOOOOOOUH !! je suis choquée par cette barbe ... :)

  2. Il est beau comme tout avec cette barbe, maisse le tranquile, corse chanceuse.

  3. Loin de moi l'idée contraire !

  4. haha ptain ça fait drôle...merci pour la pub by the way... (oh ptain je suis bon, moi)