mercredi 14 octobre 2009

NYC, still the best.

Early flight, had a huge and tall guy in front of me and had my knees crashed all flight but it was cool anyway.Cool weather when we arrived, we checked the hotel, rooms are dope, view amazing, in the heart of NY, I can feel the city heartbeat at my window! Its so cool to be here again, love that city, really, everything is moving, and energic.A little bit of shopping, met Bobby and ben from the hundreds ( ) an had a cool chat with them, it's so funny as I run into people every first day i arrive in NY! Soda breakdown, and after that chill time for everybody before work/chill/shop. Ok, life's damn cool.

5 commentaires:

  1. ah ah déjà à Supreme ;)
    profite bien du voyage

  2. OMG...HAVE FUN!!! P.S. You received an award! Check my blog!

  3. comme bauer déjà chez supreme !!
    lucky bastard en tt cas !

  4. Je me disais aussi , j'ai déjà vu cette tête sur le blog the hundreds .
    Bon voyage .

    Le rockeur fou.

  5. she looks like a brunette scarlett johansson behind those shades