samedi 20 février 2010

At the speed of life.

Already one year since I started this blog, damn I seems it was last month to me, so many things from 09 to 2010, It's been almost 3years I'm in paris but damn, last year was the best one upon everything! ( I do miss my dirty south so much but...)
Here I took 1 pics/month, just a random pic I liked to share again.
THANKS to all people that I met all around, thx for all the mails and support, and everything else...This blog is my way to share how I see the world around me, people I met, things I love/want/need/miss, this is a part of my life, but only a part as you know : life is outside! But still, I'm happy to share all that stuff. Thx for the feedback and all the visits, I'm still surprised and pleased so let's make it for one more year if you don't mind.
(And also thx to the smiling special someone for all the great memories, life's about that...)
(Thx to my Bro' too, been there done that, life with a big L.)
It's all about sharing, and life's about what you haven't done yet...

9 commentaires:

  1. Good job bro'... the best is yet to come !!!

  2. merci à toi pour le regard que tu donnes.

  3. Continue la qualité et on se revoit dans un an pour le même post ;)

  4. Where's my punk spirit? EVERYWHERE BRO'!
    Word for life!

  5. Et cette année sera encore meilleure, je n'en doute pas ;)

  6. Thx everyone :D
    2010 will be Legen.....(wait for it)...daryyyyyyyy ! high & tiny five.

  7. I am super grateful for your blog :)
    Those pictures are AMAZING

  8. merci pour cette photo ya mon blazee looool