dimanche 27 mars 2011

My little black panther.

Two weeks ago I was at my mother's place to rest a few days, more than everywhere I go I always take pictures of details of the house, and portraits of my mother and grand-mother, and also i've always been obsessed with DJ, our cat for more than 12years. We called him like this as he was always playing and running on the floor really really fast and it wasn't easy for him as he was sliding like dj's hands scratching on a record.
Last time I went there, dunno why but I absolutly wanted a portrait of us, just me and my little black king, my dark and wild panther so I managed to take the pictures above.

My mom called me today, DJ passed away...
He was old, okay, but tuff and not sick at all but shit happens.(Fuck it)
As my bro told me to cheer me up, cats have 9 lives, so we surely meet again.
12 years in our lives, too many memories.

Already missing him so much.

6 commentaires:

  1. Courage, je sais comme c'est pas cool, je pense à toi..

  2. A king's death, with no pain or sickness.
    He'll never fade away!
    Word for Dj, keep on scratching with Elvis kitty cat!