dimanche 31 juillet 2011

Part of the weekend never dies.

Part of the weekend never dies, finally real summer days in Paris, it was great! FYI : I decided to sale my X100 to my good friend Ilkflottante, i was still in love with the camera but I made that choice as i'm waiting for a new toy, soon, soon !

6 commentaires:

  1. oh lovely photos! how i wish i could be in paris right now, enjoying in these warm days.

  2. not an m8, not right now, maybe one day.

    thx Sara! Paris is really cool in august as there's not too many people in the streets and weather's fine

  3. I must have this blanket! Way more then just awesome.....
    Any chance to point a direction where to find!?!
    Any informations highly appreciated....

  4. that's a serape/mexican plaid, you can easily find it on ebay for cheap ;)