mercredi 15 avril 2009

From Broadway with love.

Early breakfast in a diner downtown, walking around in the neighborood then went to the Moma and spent more than 3 hours in it, great collection in here.Grabbed a jack daniel's burger at Fridays before going to the international center of photography (really cool exhibition of fashion pictures, but no camera allowed, damn it!).Walked around in the city in B/w again, thinking about R.Depardon in his " errance".Met some cool cops.Got back in our new place in manhattan to chill a little bit, and now bloggin' in a starbucks on broadway before enjoying a night downtown.

1 commentaire:

  1. salut cher neveu
    30 ans c'est pas tt les jours,profite bien de ton trip a NY.fait une bise a tt le monde labas.
    BIG RESPECT pour toutes tes photos,il ya vraiement de bonnes vibration .Continue et ne t'arrete jamais....
    je te met en lien sur ma page de facebook.
    jah love CISCO