vendredi 17 avril 2009

French banana toasts and jazz.

Yesterday was a very busy day so no post, sorry for that!

Started the day with the best breakfast ever, french toast stuffed with bananas and almond with chocolate sauce and a freshly squeezed orange love!Subway rideto central park under a littel rain then to the Guggenheim.Wlked a lot in the city, enjoying the atmosphere and the energy,meeting a lot of people from different horizons and then went to Ground Zero.Went to the blue note for the night, amazing jazz tmosphere, really cool place and great band last night, was amazing being there...

4 commentaires:

  1. faudra que tu me files l'adresse pour les toasts banana/chocolate. ca a l'air bon bordel!

  2. ca tue, bien chaud a l interieur en plus.
    c est sur prince street, au 26 je crois, je verifierai ca ;)

  3. french bananas, french vanilla, french butter, french kiss... What else?