samedi 15 août 2009

Chasin' the sun.

4h of sleep, and let's go, ride to the beach under the burning sun, tanned to the bone, amazing spot, chilling there was a must, headed to a hidden and lost place, amazing constructions from the 70's (will work on that later.) during the road back to Toulon, a huge sprite became my best friend,stayed for a while near the beach again to watch the sun going down.Burn,exhausted, can not feel my legs anymore, but damn, it worth it, even twice! I think i'm going to pass out for a few days now ha! (living with passion, bro', for sure.)

4 commentaires:

  1. trés trés bon ça aussi, j'aurais pas du manquer ça...

  2. super belle pix ! :)
    le masque invisible il assure moi j'dis !