mardi 4 août 2009

Igore Giggs.

Summer was back today, and as Ice cube says : " today was a good day". Had a meet-up with my friend Alexone and had lunch with him and Marc from Noirbasic.Went to H2prod 's office to work on some upcoming stuff.Met a tiny cute cat at Starcow.Then Alex and I headed to "la fondation cartier" where's a cool graffiti exhibition is taking place (Nées dans la rue) with tons of impressive oldtimer and documentation from Nyc, you must go there! Alex was invited to show his work there too, really huge and nice canvas (Sunset was also invited).We got the "press" accreditation to shoot down there, but it's quite delicate to show those pics on internet so, sorry, only a few pics, the original sketch and shots from the mythic whole-car from Seen "hands of doom"...(this was mad!) and the huge "Amaze" throw-up done on the building by Twister.Pretty impressive and cool!

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  1. Un putain de tartare suivi d'une putain d'expo, c'est bien Paris l'ete.